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program Infants/Waddlers

At CreaGenius Kids Academy, we are here for the whole family. Our infant program provides care that assists natural growth. We work with you to understand your baby’s individual schedule and establish feeding and sleeping routines specifically for your baby. We also provide parents with the comfort of knowing we will be here to provide nurturing care through out the work week with minimal closures. Our Center includes large clean spaces, a quiet sleeping area, outdoor time in our buggy or connected playground, as well as individualized attention. Daily communication sheets are provided to each family.

Our curriculum: Yes, we even plan curriculum for our youngest learners. We use a blended curriculum (Creative Curriculum & State Standards) that provides planned individual care that will support your child in developing skills and knowledge in a fun environment. During the day they will experience activities that provide opportunities to practice gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills. Daily sheets are provided that record activities, eating and diapering information, and daily events. We also use Ages and Stages as a developmental screening and planning tool. Formal parent teacher conferences are held twice year.

Our teachers: Our teachers are Early Childhood Professionals. Each classroom is headed by a teacher who has a minimum degree of a CDA. All teachers and assistant teachers receive professional development training in diversity, childhood development, curriculum, assessment and specific topics for the age group for which they teach.

Our typical day in the Bumblebees:

A typical day in the CreaGenius Kids Academy Infant classroom is driven by your babies needs. Feeding and napping occur on demand and diaper changes happen every two hours or as needed. However, a general routine exists of arriving between 6:30 – 8:30 am then children experience activities in:

Sensory -Fine motor

Gross Motor – Tummy time

Outdoor time – Songs & Music

Literacy – Art